How to find, edit and export images with Vampixel

Learn how to use Vampixel to create featured images that fit perfectly on your website or social network. Discover the filters and features.


1. Access

Initially you will see the fields "search for images ...", "ratio" and "merge". The first field is for keywords and will be used to search for images on the Internet. The second field indicates the aspect ratio of the image output. And the third determines how many images you want to combine.

2. Fill in the form fields

To create the featured image of this post, I chose as aspect ratio "Twitter: posts" because I wanted it to fit perfectly on Twitter. And I chose "merge 3 images", because I wanted to combine three images. Then two other keyword fields were enabled. In the first field I typed "simpsons art", in the second "paint hand" and in the third "image search". Finally I clicked on the yellow button to start the image search.

3. Select the images

The search engine brought dozens of images according to the keywords entered and, among them, I was asked to select exactly three, which is the number of images defined in the "merge" field.

4. Order matters

The selection order is important because the first image chosen will be placed on the left, the second in the middle and the third on the right. If the thumbnail disappears after the click, it is because the address of the main image has changed and cannot be used. In that case, you must select another thumbnail.

5. Check the partial result

After selecting the images, the lightbox will be opened with the images combined in the aspect ratio previously selected. The options at the top right of the screen are "Download image", "Edit", "Generate link" and "Close", respectively. If you did not like one of the images, click on "Close" to close the lightbox. You can remove a selected image by clicking on it again. Then you must select another one to replace it. After selecting all the images, the lightbox will appear again.

6. Edit

Click on "Edit" to open the editor, where the "Add text", "Add filter" and "Move" editing groups will be available. You can use all of them or none of them if you prefer. You can click on the "OK" button to submit changes or "Close" to cancel. Both buttons will close the edit box and show the image again.

7. Add text

In the "text" field I typed "How to find, edit and export images with Vampixel" and kept the other options at the default value. P.S.: the text field is limited to 50 characters because larger texts would take up a lot of space and to maintain the image's visibility we would need to have a text with a smaller font size, which would make it difficult to read in thumbnails.

8. Preview the change

So I decided to change the text to "Find, edit and export images with Vampixel". Less is more. By clicking on the "OK" button, the edit box is closed and the text is displayed on the image. The "horizontal" and "vertical" values are "left" and "bottom". And the values for "color" and "opacity" are "silver" and "50%".

9. Other text options

If you don't like the default text setting, the "horizontal" field can be changed to "center" or "right". And the "vertical" field can be changed to "middle" or "top". The "color" field also supports "aqua", "black", "blue", "fuchsia", "gray", "green", "lime", "maroon", "navy", "olive", "purple "," red "," teal "," white "and" yellow ". And the "opacity" of the text box could be changed to "25%", "75%" or "100%".

10. Add vignette filter

The vignette filter could be used to darken the image's periphery, bringing attention to the center. Although it is a cool effect, it is best suited for use with just one image. As I have three images, I prefer not to use the vignette this time.

11. Add grayscale filter

Another cool filter is the grayscale, which allows you to reduce the intensity of colors. With 75%, we would have the result on the side and with 100% we would have only shades of gray. It might be interesting to add a colored text box in this case, to make the text stand out a lot. However, I want my image to be fun, so I will keep it in its original colors.

12. Move the images

In case you haven't noticed, in the image on the right the brush is cut. Perfectionism or not, I will move the image a little to the right, changing the value of the "3rd" field from "0%" to "50%". I will not move the other images because I think they are already centered.

13. Check the final result

And this is the final result. As you can see, the image catches attention, is communicative and has an excellent resolution. In addition, it has the exact aspect ratio to be shared on Twitter. And the best part is that we didn't spend more than two minutes to build it.

14. Download the image

Whatever you created, the image is yours. and you can download it for free. Your email is not required and no watermark is added to the image. Simply right click on it and save the image file to your computer. If you are using a smartphone, it may not work. In this case, the recommendation is that you generate a link, as shown below.

15. Generate a link

Vampixel can store your image on Google Cloud Storage for free. However the watermark "edited on" will be added to help promote the service. That way, Vampixel will be able to continue offering free storage to everyone. The image will also be shared on Twitter @vampixel_users to attract new users and inspire current ones.

16. Copy your link

In a few seconds Vampixel will store your image on a cloud storage service and return a permanent URL, which is the image's address on the Internet. Save this address, otherwise you will not be able to access the image again. Pasting this address into social network posts, the image is usually displayed.